Finish Carpentry Services

Our Company provides Finish Carpentry and Millwork services.

It should never be underestimated how dramatically one carpentry change or upgrade can make to a living or working area. For example, baseboard molding can add accent to a dull-laying floor, while crown molding can add a sophisticated transition between plain walls and ceilings.

Similarly, not only are pieces like Wainscot paneling accentual, but they are also purposely functional for wall and furniture protection.

Our Finish Carpentry services includes:

  • Window and Door installation
  • Finish Trim
    • Window and door casing
    • Crown molding
    • Baseboard molding and base shoe
  • Wall paneling
    • Full panel
    • Wainscot
    • Chair railing
  • Staircase installation
  • And for individuals with more distinguishable likes, we can make "one of a kind" custom carpentry creations.

Project: Custom Furniture  - Children's desk and chairs

Project: Base shoe installation (added to new floor installation)

Project: Staircase Installation, Finished (as part of a second-level addition)

Project: Hallway Closet and Storage Unit

Project: Crown molding (added to Closet remodel)

Project: Wainscot paneling (added in restroom remodel)

 General Contractor

                              License #899274

Project: Walk-in Closet Shelving Modification



Project: Custom Built-in Wall Shelving, Unfinished (Restaurant)